What’s France playing at? Macron savaged for nuclear deal with China despite NATO warning

Following the conclusion of the most recent NATO summit, officials issued a stark warning against strengthening the global power of China. Despite the cautions of his allies, President Emmanuel Macron has expanded economic ties between France and China with the establishment of a new energy infrastructure deal earlier this year. The French President signed the deal worth an estimated $1.7 billion with China to collaborate on “projects in areas such as infrastructure, environmental protections and new energy.”

The failure to heed NATO’s warnings on China sparked the fury of GB News host Alex Phillips, who questioned President Macron’s strategy.

Ms Phillips explained: “Beware China, that’s that message coming out of NATO for the first time in its history.

“Is all of NATO really on the same page?

“Alarmingly not, it seems, and perhaps most pointedly when it comes to France, one of only eight nuclear-capable countries in the world and once global leader in the technology

“Macron signed a huge nuclear agreement with Beijing back in February, which the Chinese Communist Party’s National Development Commission said enables China to benefit from France’s unique advantage in advanced manufacturing and engineering construction.”

She added: “What is France playing at?

“Playing both sides it seems, hardly the stuff of NATO unity.”

The GB News host suggested President Macron’s agreements with China undermine NATO’s cautious front towards Beijing.

NATO has acknowledged that China is expanding military powers, including devastating nuclear weapons as well as furthering the reach of false Russian propaganda.

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Speaking on Wednesday, NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg said: “We see a deepening strategic partnership between Moscow and Beijing and China’s growing assertiveness and its coercive policies have consequences for the security of Allies and our partners.”

Mr Stoltenberg continued: “China is substantially building up its military forces, including nuclear weapons.

“Bullying its neighbours, and threatening Taiwan. Investing heavily in critical infrastructure, including in Allied countries.

“Monitoring and controlling its own citizens through advanced technology.

“And spreading Russian lies and disinformation.”

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