Three killed in shopping mall shooting in Denmark

A gunman opened fire at the Field’s shopping mall in Copenhagen, Denmark on Sunday, killing three people and injuring four. Police see no indication that the attack was an act of terrorism.

The 22-year old suspect was detained at the scene. “Our suspect is also known among psychiatric services, beyond that I do not wish to comment,” Copenhagen police inspector Soren Thomassen told reporters.

He said two victims were 17 years old, while the third fatality was a 47-year-old Russian national who had been living in Denmark. Four people sustained gunshot wounds, including a 16-year-old girl.

The inspector said the suspect seemed to choose his victim randomly. “We have found nothing that would indicate that this is an act of terrorism.”

Copenhagen Mayor Sophie Andersen called the situation “very serious” in a Twitter post, but said she did not have any information on the exact number of casualties. According to Danish broadcaster DR, at least three people were sent to the hospital following the attack.

Videos published on social media show people desperately fleeing the Field’s Shopping Center, located near the city airport. One clip also shows a man dressed in black, who appeared to be carrying what looks like a long rifle. RT could not independently verify the authenticity of the video.

“This is a massive operation. And it’s not just in Copenhagen, it’s all of Zealand,” the police spokesman said. “We must be absolutely sure that we are in control of this situation. And until we are safe, we will act at the highest operational level.”

The attack took place around one week after a gunman opened fire outside of a gay bar in Oslo in neighboring Norway. The police said they were treating the incident as an act of terrorism, and raised the nationwide terrorist threat to ‘extraordinary’ following the incident.

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