Thousands of beer cans block Florida highway for hours after trailers crash

A busy Florida highway came to a grinding halt after a crash involving several vehicles led to the spillage of thousands of beer cans and caused injuries to the drivers.

The accident, which took place on Wednesday at 6 am at Interstate-75 near Hernando County, involves four semitractor-trailer trucks and a pick-up, the Tampa Bay Times newspaper reported.

The chain of accidents began when a driver of one of the semitrailers was trying to change lanes and crashed into the back of another semitrailer.

Later, other two semitrailers that were on the route immediately stopped to check on the crashed trucks, the newspaper reported quoting Florida Highway Patrol.

Seeing this, the driver of a pickup had also stopped.

But a fifth semitrailer — the one carrying the beers — did not slow in time for the crashed trucks and hit the pickup and then one of the semitrailers, which was carrying concrete.

The officers said that the crash caused the contents of each other’s lorries to spill on the road.

Following the accident, the route was closed for several hours. According to the troopers, the southbound lanes of I-75 and MM296 remain closed after the accidents and the traffic was diverted to SR-50.

The lane was later re-opened for traffic two hours after the accident following the clean-up.

A clip from the scene, shared by the official Twitter handle of the Florida Highway Patrol, showed thousands of beer cans and boxes strewn across the highway.