This 27-year-old Chinese man is not getting jobs due to his ‘youthful’ looks

A 27-year-old Chinese man has been unable to get a job for many years. He has been facing rejections, not because of his educational qualification or his behaviour, but rather the companies are passing over him because he looks like a 12-years-old.

Mao Sheng, from Guangdong Province, has been desperately seeking stable employment so that he can look after his family, but he’s not had any luck so far. Primarily because of his youthful looks.

The companies have been rejecting him because they suspect him to be a government agent, who is being used to snare companies abusing child labour rules.

In one instance, Mao explained, when he went with a friend to apply for a job at a factory, the manager only hired his friend while he was rejected, reports UK-based Mirror newspaper.

Now, he has started his own TikTok channel where he makes videos of himself venting out his frustration at not being able to support his father financially. Mao is the only breadwinner for his dad.

In another clip, he showed his ID to prove that was born in 1995.

But as the luck would have it, Mao has become a local celebrity after his rant video went viral. Many netizens criticised the prospective employers for not offering the 27-year-old a chance to prove himself.

The immense popularity has also caught the attention of potential employers who are reaching out to Mao.

A follow-up video has revealed that Mao accepted one of the jobs, according to Oddity Central.

Meanwhile, in another bizarre incident, a woman in China was fired for turning up on time and leaving when her shift finished. The woman said that her boss expected her to work up to eight hours of overtime on certain shifts.

(With inputs from agencies)