School apologises after teacher tells 5-year-olds to raise anti-Biden slogans: Report

A school in the US has apologised after a video surfaced in which a teacher was teaching 5-year-olds to raise anti-Biden slogans, reported Associated Press. The video was obtained by ABC News’ Rob McMillan and posted on Facebook.

In this video, the teacher asks the students, “Who’s our President?”. The students say,”Biden!”

The teacher then proceeds to ask “What do we want to do with him?”, to which the students respond “We want him OUT!”

The incident reportedly took place at Turning Point Christian School in Norco, California. The video was first posted on the school’s messaging app and was later taken down. But it ultimately found its way on the social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

The school has since apologised, and school officials said that the school was “sorry for any misunderstanding”

“Earlier today a video was posted that has since been deleted as it did not share our school and church philosophy of honoring and respecting authority including those in government positions,” the school statement said, as reported by The Associated Press.

The video has drawn anger online which some social media users even calling this “indoctrination”.

“Teachers no matter which way they vote should NEVER push their political views onto any of their students. EVER,” says a Facebook user.

“This type of activity has no place in a classroom. Given that this is a private school they are within their rights to have their own activities and it behooves parents to carefully check what goes on in their child’s classroom. I speak as a retired elementary teacher,” says another user

Facebook comments

It is yet unclear whether any sort of action has been initiated against the teacher who was encouraging students to raise the slogans.