Boy rescued from Byron Bay pool with 3-metre python wrapped around legs | New South Wales

A five-year-old boy is recovering after surviving an attack by a giant python in his grandparent’s Byron Bay back yard.

Beau Blake was swimming with his brother yesterday afternoon, his father Ben said, when a 3-metre long python launched out of the nearby garden and latched on to Beau’s ankle.

“We were sitting down watching them swim, just about to jump in the pool, and all of a sudden: bang,” Ben said.

“[It was] like a black shadow came out of the bush.”

Ben isn’t sure if Beau accidentally trod on the snake or scared it, but once the snake had latched on, Beau rolled and fell into the pool, and the snake quickly curled around his legs. His 76-year-old grandfather jumped in almost instantly and quickly lifted him out.

“We both jumped up and ran to his aide,” Ben said. Once Beau was out of the pool, it took Ben around 15 to 20 seconds to pry the snake from his ankle.

bruised ankle with red bite marks and depressions
Bite marks on the ankle of five-year-old Beau, who was attacked on Thursday after school in Byron Bay. Photograph: Tesse Ferguson

Ben said his son was an “absolute trooper” after the attack. After a trip to the hospital yesterday where he got the all-clear, Beau stayed home from school today to rest and recover.

“He was a bit sheepish and didn’t want to go out amongst the pool this morning,” Ben said. “We were all looking around, a bit sheepish.”

As for the snake, Ben said he held it for about 10 minutes after freeing Beau before releasing it back into the garden.

“My dad’s lived there for 36 years and we’ve possibly seen ten snakes on the property,” Ben said.

“It’s snake season; they’re out and about and after all the weather we’ve had and the climate that’s around at the moment they’re very mobile.”

Beau’s mother, Tesse Ferguson, shared details of the “dramatic evening” on social media, warning other parents to “keep their eyes peeled”.

“We were lucky to have the fast response of [Ben and Allan] … and it took quite a bit of effort to pull the python whom was firmly wrapped around his leg,” she said.

“Lots of cuddles for my boys tonight. Parents the unthinkable can happen!”

Despite Beau being “very shaken up”, Tesse said the family is feeling grateful he is OK and wasn’t more seriously injured.

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