Blaze breaks out in Carmel Market, sending smoke plumes over Tel Aviv

A fire broke out Saturday at Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market, sending up large plumes of smoke over the coastal city.

The Israel Fire and Rescue Service said six firefighting crews with a fire engine helped extinguish the blaze, which it reported was being fueled by gas canisters and electrical sources in the market.

The firefighters also searched for anyone caught in the fire, though police later clarified that no one was trapped in Carmel Market.

There were no reports of injuries. The fire service said the blaze caused “heavy damage.”

It was not immediately clear what sparked the blaze and an arson investigator was called in to determine the source.

The open-air market, a favorite destination for locals and tourists, was closed at the time due to Shabbat.

The smoke from the fire could be seen from the beach, where the smell from the blaze was also detected.