Sara to supporters: Extend hand of unity

DAVAO CITY—Presumptive Vice President Sara Duterte on Friday urged her supporters to extend the hand of unity, saying her camp needed the 100 percent participation of Filipinos to achieve unity after the election.

“We have to stoop down and humble ourselves. We are only 31.5 million,” she said in a news statement her camp posted on Friday.

“Let us be the one to be humble. Let us be the first to approach our rivals who support other candidates. Let us be the one to be humble because it’s us who won, We are the Sara All,” she said in her post.

In her thanksgiving speech, Duterte vowed to remove the divisive campaign colors to achieve a “colorless” Philippines. “During the campaign, I said we have to forget these colors that marked our political campaigns, these colors are also the face of heated quarrel among supporters,” she added in Filipino.

“We have to be magnanimous because we are only 31.5 million. We need them so we would become 100 percent one nation,” she said. “And because the campaign and the elections have passed, we have to forget the colors that divided us. Let us stop all these politicking,” she said,

She said that all those who won should ensure that all Filipinos, whether or not they are supporters, should be given adequate and proper services.

Duterte also thanked various organizations of Filipinos abroad. “First, I would like to greet all of you, for your triumph and for giving us this big win. Congratulations to all of you,” she said.