Red Cross responds to diarrhea outbreak in Laguna jail facility

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) responded to the Cabuyao City jail after Chairman and CEO Richard Gordon received a report that over 70 persons deprived of liberty (PDLs) became victims of a diarrhea outbreak in the facility.

PRC-Laguna Administrator Frank Sorromero reported to Gordon that the incident on late night of Tuesday, September 20, was blamed to contaminated water.

Gordon immediately ordered the deployment of a water tanker.

Jail management officials were grateful for PRC’s quick response, as an alternate water source will be needed when they disinfect their main pipeline and water tank, which may be contaminated after a recent flooding incident in the city.

The 10,000-liter capacity water tanker can serve more than 1,000 individuals in the jail facility. 

The tanker came with accessories for water distribution: two units of water bladder, one with a 10,000-liter capacity and another with a 5,000-liter capacity; a tap stand; a hose; a hydrant key; and chlorine.

Submitted water sample from the main source and pipeline of the facility failed the Department of Health’s microbiological test standards.