Question Time: ‘How’s it fair we’re suffering!’ Audience erupts as voters shame Lynch

Mick Lynch has given his verdict on his hopes for Tory succes in the by-elections held on Thursday in Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton.

The RMT General Secretary said on Question Time: “I hope he loses both of these elections and I hope he’s undermined frankly.

“His main problem is he’s unembarrassable.

“No matter what he does, he’s not embarrassed by his failures, by the image he gives off and by his behaviour.

“And he’s supported in that by his mates in the establishment.

“We’ve got a very strange society where he’s propped up by the press, propped up by the media, propped up by the City.

“And no matter what he does, no matter how badly he behaves, up to and including breaking the law, they won’t go against him, and they’ve shown that in this vote.”

Mr Johnson recently won a no confidence vote in his leadership, although 148 of his MPs voted against him.

Mr Lynch added that he believed the Tories would ultimately force him out rather than the voting public, because “that’s in their interest”.