NG eyes ₧135B via sale of treasuries

THE national government aims to raise P135 billion from the auction of debt papers in December, according to the Bureau of the Treasury (BTr).

The BTr said the government aims to raise P30 billion from auctions of Treasury bills (T-Bills) and P105 billion from auctions of Treasury bonds (T-bonds) next month. To note, the December goal is lower than the P215 billion set for this month.

The BTr said the government intends to raise P10 billion each from the auction of 91-day, 182-day and 364-day T-bills. The aim is to raise P15 billion from these notes per auction day (December 7 and December 14).

For the T-bonds, the BTr said, it aims to raise P35 billion from the auction of 5-Year bonds on December 1; P35 billion from the sale of 12-Year bonds on December 9; and, P35 billion from 20-year bonds on December 15.

This year, the government is set to borrow a total of P2.21 trillion, of which 75 percent will be sourced locally while the remaining 25 percent will come from foreign sources.

The country’s debt-to-GDP ratio slightly eased to 62.1 percent in the second quarter of the year from 63.5 percent in the first quarter. However, this remained above the internationally-recommended 60-percent threshold for a healthy economy.