TikTok’s ‘Dabloon’ Economy Trend, Explained

Did you also wake up to every other TikTok offering you a cut of 10,000 “dabloons” in a manner reminiscent of a fever dream, or are you normal?

As quickly as overnight, a trend that toes the line between cryptocurrency exchange and roleplay took over the social media platform, as it does not appear to involve the actual exchange of funds, despite doubloons being a legitimate (though take that with a grain of salt) form of crypto.

Instead, TikTokers are gifting, stealing, and exchanging the so-called funds for fictitious goods, memeifying the FYP into what feels like a near real-life game of Skyrim or Dungeons and Dragons. Basically, this newfound virtual economy—which is run by cats, did we mention that yet?—is the meme. 

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