Lizzo’s intimate documentary ‘Love, Lizzo’ premieres on Thanksgiving

Lizzo has some plans for the upcoming Holiday season after her single ‘About Damn Time’ was touted among the songs of the summer. The Grammy and Emmy-winning star saw the debut of her intimate documentary ‘Love, Lizzo’ on HBO Max for Thanksgiving with a ‘Live Concert’ special. 

Her HBO Max documentary, ‘Love, Lizzo’ is an intimate portrait of the making of the record and all the life and career moments that led up to it.

Speaking about the documentary, Lizzo said, “There’s never a right time to start documenting and telling your story. And if I had waited to film this, then I wouldn’t have captured Coachella and the VMAs, and ‘Truth Hurts’ going number one, my life during the pandemic and the Grammys, and my arena tour now. I wouldn’t have gotten all of this footage that I think is just so important to my career.”

The documentary had cameras follow the singer in 2019 and chronicled everything that’s happened in the last three years as she skyrocketed to superstardom. It also includes never-before-seen footage of Lizzo’s childhood, including videos even she didn’t know about.

“All of it was new to me. I have no baby footage or kid footage of myself,” she explains. “Then my cousin recently was like, ‘We got all this footage of you,’ so we got a bunch of it for this doc. Just being able to see myself as a kid, outside of photos, like actually moving and hearing my father’s voice, which I haven’t heard since he’s passed [Lizzo’s father Michael Jefferson died in 2009]. There’s just a lot of incredible footage that I didn’t have to share with the world, but I am.”

Directed by Doug Pray, the documentary aims to capture Lizzo’s life – from her family life to that of the life after fame. 

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